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Foam roller act as a sports massage for muscles and joints. Foam rollers help to increase circulation to the joints and muscles. This increase blood flow serves to decrease inflammation. It is not uncommon for your muscles to be sore and slightly painful following a killer workout. In fact, muscle break down followed by the regeneration of new muscle is the way you increase your muscle mass. The pain and sores are often from the break down of muscle tissues. Joint stiffness and flexibility are improved with a foam roller.

Runners Hip Pain and Stiffness Improved

Applying foam pressure to specific areas of the body like the IT band can decrease pain. IT band syndrome is often caused by inflammation and tight connective tissue or fascia in the hip area. The scared tissue is broken up as you apply this direct massage to the muscle through the surrounding skin.

Improved Flexibility During a Work Out

People who use a foam roller prior to working out have greater flexibility and mobility during the workout. Rubbing the foam over the skin and muscle layer of the body can potentially generate some fiction. The fiction generated heat energy to the muscle and surrounding fascia. The muscles and the surrounding tendons and ligaments relax. This relaxation can increase the range of motion of the joint. If your muscles relax you decrease chances of injury to the joint and muscles.

Post WorkOut Improvement of Soreness and Pain

As mention, post workout you cause some inflammation to the muscles. Inflammation resulst in pain. This is the reason that doctors tell you to take an anti-inflammatory when you get muscle pain and soreness.If the blood flow to the area is not sufficient it can cause the muscle to form a collagen type of scaring to the muscles and elastic tissue. When muscles scare it reduces their over performance. Scared muscles are damaged and shorten. This affects the movement. Myofascial release can promote relaxation of the muscles. The greatest response to foam rolling occurs when slight rhythmic rolling pressure is applied directly over the area of the skin you want to massage.

Foam roller came in all sizes and shapes. Experiment to determine what works best for you.


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