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Pain patches are very effective for treating back pain, neck pain, and many other muscle or joint pain. Many people overlook this form of pain management. The reason being is that most people are simply uninformed about the effectiveness of pain patches.We know that opioid pain patches like Fentanyl work well. But when it comes to using non-narcotic pain patches many patients say ” taking something by mouth is just better”. Not true in all cases.

Pain patches are a form of transdermal medication delivery. Medication delivery through the skin has been around for many years. We use patches for nicotine, bioidentical hormones, motion sickness and treatment of heart conditions or pain (nitroglycerin). The medication that could be taken by mouth instead is delivered through the skin into the bloodstream. You could just take a pill for motion sickness or you could put a small patch behind your ear. Here are some of the advantages of pain patches especially non-narcotic:.


1.Medication is Over a Longer Period

Transdermal pain medication delivers a smaller concentration of the medication through the blood over a longer period of time. Some people who abuse medication can negate this protective aspect of the patch. People can overdose or get toxic amounts of the pain medication by cutting open or chewing on the medication in the patch. If used right pain patches safely deliver the medication that is needed to relieve pain.

2. Advantage If You Have Difficulty Swallowing Pill

A pain patch eliminates the oral barrier.Young and old alike sometimes have problems swallowing pills.

3. Taking Medication Less Frequently

Most pain patches last between 12-72 hrs. This range depends on the type of pain patch. The prescription pain patches tend to last longer sometimes as long as 3 days. Oral medications even when stating that they last 12hrs start to become less effective in 2-3hrs.

4.Less  Stomach Upset and Heart Concerns

Pain patches come in all kinds of flavors. A prescription pain patch whose main ingredient is like ibuprofen works well without the stomach upset. Patients sometimes complain that ibuprofen type medication taken by mouth cause havoc on the stomach. We also know that the edlderly are at risk of heart  and kidney problems when they take this class of drugs like ibuprofen.

Final note you do not have to have a prescription to get effective pain patches. For example, lidocaine, menthol, and capsaicin patches are all over-the-counter patches. Menthol and capsaicin are both natural alternatives used for pain relief.


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