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Fear is Holding You Back

I have touch thousands of people with MANY healthy ways to change their lives and live life fully. But some have not even attempted to make an effort to change. I have become convinced that “fear” is the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed.

Fear is holding you back from the victory that is yours. Whether you want to run a marathon, losing weight, find ways to deal with your pain or just live healthier.

Fear, big or small is a close companion.

In order to tackle the challenges in your life, you have to face your fears and not run from them. Fear likely is the number one hurdle that confronts you in life.


Fear of Failure

I have recommended that some patients eat a more plant-based diet. Even before I walk out of the room I have heard patients say “ I could never do that”. After many years of practice and thousands of patients, one of the many things I have learned is the following. Many people never even try because of the fear of failure. Broccoli has no teeth, but it apparently has a strong bite for those who hate vegetables. I truly believe in the saying “It is better to try and failed than to never try at all”.


Fear of Rejection

If you are living on earth you have experienced some sort of rejection. It is as common as the air we breath. In order to prevent rejection, some people just avoid an encounter. We tell ourselves negative messages. “Working out never works for me”. The approach that most clinicians recommend is not to avoid entering into your “purpose “ due to fear. Focusing on the things that you have control over. Letting go of those things that you cannot control. You really cannot control whether someone will reject you.


Fear of Uncertainty

The fear of uncertainty has lead to a society of “decisionphobia”. We often use excuses that others have tried and failed. Many times our incisiveness is due to a fear of making the incorrect decision. What we fell to realize is t no decision is a decision to do nothing. Another wise saying “choose your path or it will be chosen for you”. Want to get healthier then really decide to do so, that is the first step.


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