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Surveys show that many people resolve in the New Year to eat less and exercise more. However the reasons for exercising are often cited as “weight loss. “ If weight loss is your only goal many will not continue to exercise beyond the first few weeks. I tell my patients that the value of exercise is far, far, beyond weight loss.


Here are the Doctors and Best reasons to exercise

  1. Feel Good: we all want to feel good; whether you eat your favorite foods, drink your best wine, eat a good piece of chocolate, take a dream vacation or just a soak in a hot tub, all in an effort to feel good. We are all in pursuit of that the “next fix” that gives us that feeling of goodness. Exercise stimulates the release of the feel good hormones called endorphins. They affect the part of the brain that signals the body a message, “I am in a state of euphoria or happiness”. Granted , that state of euphoria can vary per individual. You have to exercise regularly then your brain and body connection can unite. You will over time look forward to the pump, the burn and the build.
  2. Natural Antidepressant: Recent study of women between the ages of 26-50 with depression, demonstrated that moderate exercise regularly reduced depression significantly. Anxiety is often associate with depression and exercise also reduced anxiety.
  3. Energy Booster: the very reason why many do not exercise is a lack of energy. Ironically if you can convince your body to get moving you will actually have more energy. One study demonstrated that 6 weeks of regular physical exercise decreased fatigue in 36 people who experienced daily fatigue.
  4. Increase Bone Strength: In my practice I find that runners and weight lifters both suffer from bone abnormalities. However regular exercise will increase bone strength and density so that injuries can be eliminated. As we age we increase wrist , hip, back, wrist and ankle bone injuries . This is decreased by 60-70 percent in people who exercise regularly. We all know of an elderly person who has suffered a debilitating hip fracture. Hip fractures in most cases are a result of poor bone health earlier in life. Start now to build strong bones for the future.
  5. Increase Metabolism: an increase in muscle mass leads to an increase in metabolism. You can actually burn more fat with an increase in muscle mass. Turning your body into a fat burning machine 24-7.
  6. Decrease Mortality: decrease in the incidence of death due to heart disease. Decreased exercise leads to increase belly fat. An increased in belly fat is associated with increased insulin resistance leading to type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a major risk for death due to cardiovascular disease.

So there you have it get moving and live life healthier, feeling good and longer.


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