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Surveys show that many people resolve in the New Year to eat less and exercise more. However the reasons for exercising are often cited as “weight loss. “ If weight loss is your only goal many will not continue to exercise beyond the first few weeks. I tell my patients that the value of exercise is far, far, beyond weight loss.


Here are the Doctors and Best reasons to exercise

  1. Feel Good: we all want to feel good; whether you eat your favorite foods, drink your best wine, eat a good piece of chocolate, take a dream vacation or just a soak in a hot tub, all in an effort to feel good. We are all in pursuit of that the “next fix” that gives us that feeling of goodness. Exercise stimulates the release of the feel good hormones called endorphins. They affect the part of the brain that signals the body a message, “I am in a state of euphoria or happiness”. Granted , that state of euphoria can vary per individual. You have to exercise regularly then your brain and body connection can unite. You will over time look forward to the pump, the burn and the build.
  2. Natural Antidepressant: Recent study of women between the ages of 26-50 with depression, demonstrated that moderate exercise regularly reduced depression significantly. Anxiety is often associate with depression and exercise also reduced anxiety.
  3. Energy Booster: the very reason why many do not exercise is a lack of energy. Ironically if you can convince your body to get moving you will actually have more energy. One study demonstrated that 6 weeks of regular physical exercise decreased fatigue in 36 people who experienced daily fatigue.
  4. Increase Bone Strength: In my practice I find that runners and weight lifters both suffer from bone abnormalities. However regular exercise will increase bone strength and density so that injuries can be eliminated. As we age we increase wrist , hip, back, wrist and ankle bone injuries . This is decreased by 60-70 percent in people who exercise regularly. We all know of an elderly person who has suffered a debilitating hip fracture. Hip fractures in most cases are a result of poor bone health earlier in life. Start now to build strong bones for the future.
  5. Increase Metabolism: an increase in muscle mass leads to an increase in metabolism. You can actually burn more fat with an increase in muscle mass. Turning your body into a fat burning machine 24-7.
  6. Decrease Mortality: decrease in the incidence of death due to heart disease. Decreased exercise leads to increase belly fat. An increased in belly fat is associated with increased insulin resistance leading to type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is a major risk for death due to cardiovascular disease.

So there you have it get moving and live life healthier, feeling good and longer.


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Fear is Holding You Back

I have touch thousands of people with MANY healthy ways to change their lives and live life fully. But some have not even attempted to make an effort to change. I have become convinced that “fear” is the elephant in the room that needs to be addressed.

Fear is holding you back from the victory that is yours. Whether you want to run a marathon, losing weight, find ways to deal with your pain or just live healthier.

Fear, big or small is a close companion.

In order to tackle the challenges in your life, you have to face your fears and not run from them. Fear likely is the number one hurdle that confronts you in life.


Fear of Failure

I have recommended that some patients eat a more plant-based diet. Even before I walk out of the room I have heard patients say “ I could never do that”. After many years of practice and thousands of patients, one of the many things I have learned is the following. Many people never even try because of the fear of failure. Broccoli has no teeth, but it apparently has a strong bite for those who hate vegetables. I truly believe in the saying “It is better to try and failed than to never try at all”.


Fear of Rejection

If you are living on earth you have experienced some sort of rejection. It is as common as the air we breath. In order to prevent rejection, some people just avoid an encounter. We tell ourselves negative messages. “Working out never works for me”. The approach that most clinicians recommend is not to avoid entering into your “purpose “ due to fear. Focusing on the things that you have control over. Letting go of those things that you cannot control. You really cannot control whether someone will reject you.


Fear of Uncertainty

The fear of uncertainty has lead to a society of “decisionphobia”. We often use excuses that others have tried and failed. Many times our incisiveness is due to a fear of making the incorrect decision. What we fell to realize is t no decision is a decision to do nothing. Another wise saying “choose your path or it will be chosen for you”. Want to get healthier then really decide to do so, that is the first step.


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Studies have been done that the active ingredient in turmeric curcumin or diferuloyl methane, has shown to have anticancer effects on cancer cells. An international study demonstrated that turmeric given to patients getting chemotherapy for bowel cancer did better than those who did not receive turmeric. More studies need to be done to definitely determine if turmeric is a cure for cancer. Many believe that cancer has an autoimmune component. Turmeric has been proven to have anti-inflammatory properties and to improve a person’s immune system.
Turmeric Can Help With Cancer Treatment
Laboratory studies show that turmeric works best on cancer cells related to breast, skin, and bowel.The mechanism is not known but turmeric has been shown to slow down and prevent the growth of cancer cell.The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. An international study looked at the effects of chemotherapy alone and chemotherapy with turmeric consumption. The study concluded that turmeric and chemotherapy worked better on destroying and decreasing the growth of cancer cells. A 2007 American study in mice seemed to show that curcumin helped to stop the spread of breast cancer cells to other parts of the body.
Turmeric and Colon Cancer
Colon cancer is on the rise. We are seeing colon cancer in younger and younger patients. Today the increasing incidence of cancer has increased in those under 35 years old.
Some scientist believes that low fiber diet,  chronic insult or inflammation to the colon has fueled this rise in colon cancer. All of the added preservatives and chemicals in processed foods are seen as inflammatory to the colon. Turmeric is so amazing. It is well absorbed in the lining of the colon. Curcumin, the active ingredient of turmeric can interact with the cancer cells in the colon to retard their growth.
Turmeric Is Not Just A Spice
Turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory properties to get to the root cause of an illness. It not only helps reduce possible cancer growth but helps with joint and arthritic pain, memory loss related to Alzeheimers and regulation of blood sugar. Adding turmeric to your soup, salads, drinks, meats, sauces, and dressings can start your journey towards health. A little sprinkle could have far-reaching health benefits.



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Activated charcoal will help the bloating, hangovers, blocking fat, teeth staining, from the holiday festival of calorie consumption. Activated charcoal is getting a lot of attention because it is simple and safe. As a medical, doctor I have used charcoal for the last 25 years to treat patients who have had a drug overdose. In the literature lots of scientific evidence to support the use of charcoal for particular drug overdose to prevent absorption into the bloodstream. I have studied all the popular uses of activated charcoal and listed are the best alternative healthy fixes.

1. Bloating After Eating

If you are like most people after a big holiday celebration you have consumed more calories and food than normal. The calorie consumption during a holiday can be as high as 4,000-6,000.That is counting all the sugary drinks, cakes, pies and cookies. The end result on your colon can be excessive bloating and indigestion. American Journal of Gastroenterology found that activated charcoal reduced  bloating and abdominal cramps caused by gas after eating. Try 2-3 T of powdered activated charcoal in 8 oz of water.

2.Hangover Blues

Alcohol is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. I have seen activated charcoal being used in emergency hangover kits on college campuses. Most alcohols have other chemicals in it and activated charcoal can prevent their absorption. An added benefit is to reduce the upset stomach associated with alcohol consumption. It sometimes decreases nausea and dyspepsia.

3.Blocks Fat and Fatty Liver

Just a day after a large fatty meal with or without alcohol could result in a fatty liver. I have evaluated college students who went on a Friday night drinking binge and found that the liver and blood had lots of fat content the next day.  Not a pretty picture. The liver is the organ that detoxes the body. When you consume a large amount of fat and toxins like alcohol the liver runs out of its ability to detoxify. A University of Michigan study demonstrated that activated charcoal can adsorb cholesterol and bile acids present in the intestine, preventing their absorption. More studies have to be done to determine how much charcoal and how often it should be used. We use 25-50 grams in the hospital for drug overdoses. The amount should be much less but I have no science to determine the exact amount to give.

4. Activated Charcoal for Teeth Whitening

Say you eat a slice of blueberry pie,  drink red wine and other discoloring foods and you fell asleep forgetting to brush your teeth. Just mix 1T activated charcoal in water to form a paste. Brush your teeth with the mixture waiting 2-3 minutes and rinse as normal.  The stains from food are removed with activated charcoal.

5. A Charcoal Mask For Skin Acne and Discoloration

For some of us,  the break out of acne is coming after the stress of the holiday. Activated charcoal can bind the environmental dirt, germs, and chemical on your skin that cause inflammation of the glands leading to acne. Add one teaspoon of powdered activated charcoal to warm water until it forms a paste like peanut butter consistency. Then add a teaspoon of honey. With the honey and activated charcoal, mixture  apply a thin layer to the face. Leave on the face for about  10 minutes and then rinse off thoroughly. Protect your countertop and rinse the sink to prevent discoloration.

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Licorice root has many benefits. With seasons changing and the cold and flu season upon us , you would be glad to know that one of the major benefits is against the cold virus. We will also look at the effects on the stress hormone cortisol.

Reduces Cold Virus Systems

Licorice root tea active ingredient glycyrrhitzin helps to thin and loosen mucus in the throat and nasal passages. the end result is to decrease nasal and throat congestion. An added benefit is the anti-inflammatory property increases the production of infection-fighting chemical to knock out cold viruses.


Reduces Cortisol Level and  Adrenal Fatigue

Licorice root helps the body utilize the cortisol (stress hormone) more efficiently so the adrenal has to work less. Less work of the gland leads to less burnout and fatigue. Adrenal fatigue is characterized by unexplained weight gain, sugar and salt craving, sleeping problems, depression, and anxiety, bloating and indigestion. The adrenal glands major function is to allow you the ability to respond to stress. All types of stress, for example, preparing for final exams,  surgery, strenuous exercising, a nervous presentation or just running from a “bear”, cortisol is needed. It is no surprise that with the demands placed on us we are experiencing adrenal burn out.

Additional Benefits of Licorice Root

Sip a cup of licorice root tea when you have indigestion and bloating. Once again the active compound glycyrrhizin. Licorice root has an anti-inflammatory property that causes healing of the lining of the stomach. Just make sure that you buy tea that contains real licorice root and not just a flavor.

A study recently publishes in the Journal of Human Molecular Genetics showed that a cup of tea a day could help fight cancer. It is well known in the medical community that genes have an on and off switch on the DNA. In the laboratory, they demonstrated that teas, by methylation(modification) of the genes switch, shut the cancer gene off. Wow if only so simple as drinking a cup of tea. But it appears to show that tea has some anti-cancer properties.



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A Dog Can Help You Live LONGER- Slashing Risk of Premature Death

Having a dog could help you live longer. A European study of more than 3 million older people showed that people who had dogs lived 33 percent longer than those who did not have a dog. These furry animals have long been known to reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Higher blood pressure is related to cardiovascular disease. Statistically, heart disease is a major cause of death. Studies have been done for many years correlating this healthy relationship between man and animals. This recent study was the largest study done to date.
The positive association with animals might also be related to increased activity related to animal ownership.It is believed also that maybe animals increase social activity. Nursing homes and hospitals have successfully used pet therapy as part of the healing process.

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Foam roller act as a sports massage for muscles and joints. Foam rollers help to increase circulation to the joints and muscles. This increase blood flow serves to decrease inflammation. It is not uncommon for your muscles to be sore and slightly painful following a killer workout. In fact, muscle break down followed by the regeneration of new muscle is the way you increase your muscle mass. The pain and sores are often from the break down of muscle tissues. Joint stiffness and flexibility are improved with a foam roller.

Runners Hip Pain and Stiffness Improved

Applying foam pressure to specific areas of the body like the IT band can decrease pain. IT band syndrome is often caused by inflammation and tight connective tissue or fascia in the hip area. The scared tissue is broken up as you apply this direct massage to the muscle through the surrounding skin.

Improved Flexibility During a Work Out

People who use a foam roller prior to working out have greater flexibility and mobility during the workout. Rubbing the foam over the skin and muscle layer of the body can potentially generate some fiction. The fiction generated heat energy to the muscle and surrounding fascia. The muscles and the surrounding tendons and ligaments relax. This relaxation can increase the range of motion of the joint. If your muscles relax you decrease chances of injury to the joint and muscles.

Post WorkOut Improvement of Soreness and Pain

As mention, post workout you cause some inflammation to the muscles. Inflammation resulst in pain. This is the reason that doctors tell you to take an anti-inflammatory when you get muscle pain and soreness.If the blood flow to the area is not sufficient it can cause the muscle to form a collagen type of scaring to the muscles and elastic tissue. When muscles scare it reduces their over performance. Scared muscles are damaged and shorten. This affects the movement. Myofascial release can promote relaxation of the muscles. The greatest response to foam rolling occurs when slight rhythmic rolling pressure is applied directly over the area of the skin you want to massage.

Foam roller came in all sizes and shapes. Experiment to determine what works best for you.


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ADRENAL GLAND burnout is very common among women. Sometimes it is mistaken for thyroid disease.  The symptoms are similar and both have common traits. In thyroid disease, you will gain weight even if you are eating right and exercising. Increased cortisol levels in adrenal disease can cause increased fat storage. Women experience fatigue or insomnia with thyroid disease as well as adrenal burnout. Depression is a common symptom resulting from many chemical and biological imbalances, including thyroid and adrenal burnout. Given all of these similarities, you can speculate why some doctors miss the diagnosis of adrenal fatigue. How do you know if it is your thyroid gland or your adrenal gland that is causing your weight gain, fatigue, sleeping problems, brain fog, abdominal bloating and salt /sugar craving?

What Causes Adrenal Burnout?

The most common cause of adrenal burnout is continuous emotional and physical stress. It could be stress from working long hours, not sleeping, marriage, divorce, a death, injury, surgery, infection or other stressors that might occur in life. When you are stressed your body produces cortisol. Cortisol is the stress hormone that gives the body the energy to take action. In common terms, it is the “fight or flight hormone”. Whether you are stressed with an injury or a potential bear attack, the body responds with cortisol. Continual stress causes the adrenal to continuously produce cortisol. Over time your body, in essence, runs out of the hormone because the gland has been overworked.

How DO Know if Your Adrenal Gland Is Burned Out?

You can visit your doctor and have both your thyroid levels and your cortisol levels measured. Some believe that the saliva test is most sensitive to cortisol levels. However many times these levels can be normal and still have an underactive thyroid or adrenal gland. So what is the answer? Be aware of the symptoms of adrenal burn out; take a look and go over this list below. If you have two or more of the following consider the possibility of adrenal burnout.

  • Sleeping problems
  • Brain fog
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Indigestion, IBS, Bloating
  • Fatigue
  • Weight Gain
  • PMS/ Hot Flashes

Many women are never diagnosed.  They treat the symptom of insomnia with sleep aids and treatment of anxiety and depression with medications. Stress is a major cause of adrenal burn out. Try to limit your stress as much as possible. Close your eyes and try deep awareness breathing, several times throughout the day. Just as important as stress, if your gut has a microbiome imbalance like h.pylori or candida it can cause a malfunctioning of the adrenals. Process foods and excessive refined sugars can attack almost any organ in the body including the adrenals. Causing adrenal burnout.




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Pain patches are very effective for treating back pain, neck pain, and many other muscle or joint pain. Many people overlook this form of pain management. The reason being is that most people are simply uninformed about the effectiveness of pain patches.We know that opioid pain patches like Fentanyl work well. But when it comes to using non-narcotic pain patches many patients say ” taking something by mouth is just better”. Not true in all cases.

Pain patches are a form of transdermal medication delivery. Medication delivery through the skin has been around for many years. We use patches for nicotine, bioidentical hormones, motion sickness and treatment of heart conditions or pain (nitroglycerin). The medication that could be taken by mouth instead is delivered through the skin into the bloodstream. You could just take a pill for motion sickness or you could put a small patch behind your ear. Here are some of the advantages of pain patches especially non-narcotic:.


1.Medication is Over a Longer Period

Transdermal pain medication delivers a smaller concentration of the medication through the blood over a longer period of time. Some people who abuse medication can negate this protective aspect of the patch. People can overdose or get toxic amounts of the pain medication by cutting open or chewing on the medication in the patch. If used right pain patches safely deliver the medication that is needed to relieve pain.

2. Advantage If You Have Difficulty Swallowing Pill

A pain patch eliminates the oral barrier.Young and old alike sometimes have problems swallowing pills.

3. Taking Medication Less Frequently

Most pain patches last between 12-72 hrs. This range depends on the type of pain patch. The prescription pain patches tend to last longer sometimes as long as 3 days. Oral medications even when stating that they last 12hrs start to become less effective in 2-3hrs.

4.Less  Stomach Upset and Heart Concerns

Pain patches come in all kinds of flavors. A prescription pain patch whose main ingredient is like ibuprofen works well without the stomach upset. Patients sometimes complain that ibuprofen type medication taken by mouth cause havoc on the stomach. We also know that the edlderly are at risk of heart  and kidney problems when they take this class of drugs like ibuprofen.

Final note you do not have to have a prescription to get effective pain patches. For example, lidocaine, menthol, and capsaicin patches are all over-the-counter patches. Menthol and capsaicin are both natural alternatives used for pain relief.


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5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes From Damage Caused By Computer and Cell Phone

We look at our cell phone or computer more than we think. Most of us work in front of a computer screen due to the digital age that we now live in. It is estimated that we look at our cell phone more than 40 times per day and our computer or tablet more than 10hours daily. 8-10 hours is not a far stretch for most of us. We normally work 8 hours in front of the computer screen and spend additional hours at home on our computers ordering on Amazon. All of that exposes our eyes to damaging blue light emitted by the screen.

How do you know if you are suffering from the harmful effects of the blue light? It is often referred to as computer vision syndrome (CVS). If you experience dry eyes, headaches, drainage from the eyes, red eyes, or itchy eyes, blurring of your vision you might have CVS.

What Can You Do About CVS

1.Blink Frequently

Blinking helps to naturally lubricate the eye. The natural tears prevent irritation to the lining of the eye. It has been suggested that you pause every 20 minutes to look 20 feet away for 20 seconds and blink.

2.Take a Break From The Computer or Phone

The eyes have more than 6 muscles that control the movement of the eyes. Theses muscles tire out. You would never attempt to hold a squat for 20 minutes or even 5-10 minute for that matter. Your eye muscles must relax as well. Blink frequently.

3. Flax Seed and Decrease Inflammation in the Eye

A natural way to decrease the redness in the eye is to decrease overall inflammation. Flax seeds contain more anti-inflammatory powerful than even fish. The omega-3 fatty acids in fax seeds can calm down the irritation in the eye cause by CVS.

4. Blue Light Suppresses Melatonin

Studies show that the blue light can actually inhibit your normal deep sleep. So the recommendation by some neurologist is to stop texting and using your computer at least 2hrs before bedtime.

5. Blue Light Filtering Glasses

Glasses that filter the blue light have been around for years. However they are usually not too fashionable. You most likely would not be sporting them at work. But you might be able to get transitional lenses that filter blue light.